CCC wing for top level competitors and expert pilots

CCC class is the ultimate representation of what a modern paraglider can be. Everything is pushed to the limit but still with respect to safety margins, the unique blend which is very, very difficult to create and fine tune. That's why there's only a very limited number of manufacturers who decide to play this game.

We accepted the challenge. And now we are proud to present our CCC glider: the Opera.

This glider is a unique concept. Despite of impressive AR of 7,85 and lots of cells (128) this glider is still user-friendly for its category. It has amazing stability, even in accelerated flight, and it's easy to control, allowing its pilot to concentrate on tactics. How did we do this?.. On of the (many!) tricks is the relatively low glider weight. There's plenty of innovations and know-hows packed into this flying machine with impressive look and very sophisticated design. But the result matters. Opera already did an impressive debute at PWC (10th place at PWC China), giving plenty of positive feedback, and we hope it's only the beguinning of the story.


Smart Nose Intakes


Smart Nose Plus


Rigid Leading Edge


Trailing edge Mini Ribs


Optimized Profile Stress


Dust Out Pocket


Full Chord Rods



Technical data

Flat area, sq.m20.2121.9323.825.74
Flat A.R.7.85
Flat span, m12.5813.1113.6614.21
Projected area, sq.m17.5219.0020.6322.31
Projected A.R.6.26
Projected span, m10.4710.9111.3711.82
Cells, total128
Cells, closed12
Flattening, %13.3
Cord max, m2.
Cord average, m1.611.671.741.81
Lines height, m7.808.138.478.81
Lines schemeA2A'1B3
Accelerator travel, mm140
Takeoff weight, kg80-9590-10595-115105-125


Upper surface leading edgeDominico Textile Co.30D MF
Upper surface except leading edgePorcher Ind.7000 E71
Bottom surfacePorcher Ind.7000 E71
Ribs, supportedPorcher Ind.7000 E91
Ribs, unsupportedPorcher Ind.9000 E29
Diagonal ribsPorcher Ind.7000 E91
Lines, upper cascadesEdelrid8000U- 130/90/70/50 9200-30
Lines, middle cascadesEdelrid8000U- 190/130/90/70/50 9200-30
Lines, main (lower) cascadesEdelrid8000U- 360/190/130/50 DSL140
Lines, upper stabilo cascadeEdelrid9200-30
Lines, middle stabilo cascadeEdelrid9200-30
Lines, upper brake cascadeEdelrid9200-30
Lines, middle brake cascadeEdelrid8000U-50
Lines, main (lower) brake cascadeEdelrid8000U-190 10N-200
Risers, webbingGuth&Wolf GMBH12mm zero stretch polyester
ThreadCoats Thread Thailand210D/3, 420D/3