Pro tandem

Duet Pro

Pro tandem for commercial pilot

The DUET PRO has been designed for professional tandem pilots who want to share their most fantastic moments.

The new DUET PRO is designed for the advanced tandem pilot who is working for the commercial tandem flight.

It has been designed perfectly with different profile and shape of the glider.

The DUET PRO is not a DUET 2. This is absolutely different concept of glider from the previous DUET and DUET#.

These are Still, the DUET and DUET# are very much loved by many tandem pilots and will remain in production due to their numerous advantages and attractive and stable factors.

-Extremely Reinforced Leading Edge Profile (ERL) Technology

-Smart Nose and Smart Nose Plus (SN and SN+) on the profile

-Nitinol wire

-Better durability and strength fabric (Myungjin TEX)

-A riser system and innovative big ears system that cannot but be satisfied

-lighter handling and better performance

-40(100-210KG/ 42(120-230KG) 2 sizes and 3 colors

-Certified EN/LTF and DGAC (Plan Max.load 500KG at 5.25G for PPG)


Smart Nose Intakes


Smart Nose Plus


Optimized Profile Stress


Dust Out Pocket


Optimal Flow Analysis

Technical data

Flat area, sq.m4042
Flat A.R.
Flat span, m14.815.1
Projected area, sq.m34.235.6
Projected A.R.4.1 4.1
Projected span, m11.912.1
Cells, total50 50
Cells, closed8 8
Flattening, %14.1 14.1 
Cord min, m0.900.92
Cord max, m3.273.33
Cord average, m2.692.75
Lines height, m8.698.87
Trims travel, mm110 110 
Takeoff weight, kg100-210120-230
Glider weight, kg7.27.4
CertificationEN B EN B 


Upper surface leading edgeMyungjin Textile Co.MJ 40MF
Upper surface except leading edgeMyungjin Textile Co.MJ 32MF
Bottom surfaceMyungjin Textile Co.MJ 32MF
Ribs, supportedMyungjin Textile Co.MJ 38HF
Ribs, unsupportedMyungjin Textile Co.MJ 38HF
Diagonal ribsMyungjin Textile Co.MJ 32HF
Lines, upper cascadesDavinciTNL 145/125/80
Lines, middle cascadesDavinciTNL 200/180/145
Lines, main (lower) cascadesDavinciTNL 400/280
Lines, upper stabilo cascadeDavinciTNL 125
Lines, middle stabilo cascadeDavinciTNL 125
Lines, upper brake cascadeDavinciTNL 180/125
Lines, middle brake cascadeDavinciTNL 180/125
Lines, main (lower) brake cascadeDavinciTNL 400
Risers, webbingGuth&Wolf GMBH20mm webbing
Risers, pulleysRonstanRIELY
Lines, main (lower) stabilo cascadeDavinciTNL 145