The new generation of high EN-B FUNKY launched

We would like to inform you that the FUNKY (high EN-B) S, M, L now certified and can be ordered.

You have been waiting for a long time!

Davinci Gliders launches FUNKY(hign EN-B) after two years of research and development. We have been constantly trying to launch something different and advanced from existing products. As a result, we developed the FUNKY with the technology called Smart Nose System (SN +), and the glider with this technology can expect high glide ratio through dramatically improved safety and natural control of the glider's internal pressure.

Also the Davinci Funky is the first glider to offer split C steering. This allows the pilot to more precisely and efficiently control the glider, especially while on speed bar. It offers distinct advantages over traditional C steering which utilize the entire C line group.“

The FUNKY will be released in a total of five sizes with S, M, L currently certified and available now for order to the local dealer.