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Ultralight glider EN-A

The HULA is an ultralight glider and suitable for a full range of pilots from beginner and advanced pilots.
The HULA is a Hike and Fly wing. Light and compact takeoff complete the hike in any terrain and situation, and the smooth handling and thermaling make for a pleasant mountain flight. The application of SN+ provides a longer stall point and a sense of stability even in rough flight conditions. With the application of SBS, you can have more relaxed du「ing take-offthan during the flight
Whether you're a hiking fan, and a student pilot looking for light wings, the HULA will provide you with the satisfaction and happiness of the critical moments of your adventure.

- Smart Nose Plus gives you a more relaxed response time in important moments
- Smart Ballance System offers a more automatic safe posture during take-off and flight
- Combination of Lighter and durable fabric (Porcher 27g and M」32 MF)
- Easy inflation and smoother take-off
- 6 sizes covering 50 to 120KG in 2 colors
- Basically offered with 12mm Kevlar riser, Dyneema riser can be chosen for lighter weight



Details techniques

Flat area, sq.m19.421.
Flat A.R.  4.8
Flat span, m9.710.110.511.011.411.9
Projected area, sq.m16.818.319.821.623.325.4
Projected A.R. 3.613.613.613.613.613.61 
Projected span, m7.
Cells, total3838 38 383838
Cells, closed88888 8
Flattening, %13.8 13.813.813.813.813.8
Cord max, m2.482.582.692.812.913.05
Cord average, m2.
Lines height, m5.996.256.516.787.057.37
Accelerator travel, mm100100100120120120
Glider weight, kg2.502.652.853.053.253.45
Takeoff weight, kg50-7050-7560-8570-9580-10590-120
CertificationEN AEN AEN A EN AEN AEN A


Extrados bord d'attaqueMYUNGJIN TEXTILEMJ32 MF
Extrados (hors bord d'attaque)PORCHER INC.E3H 27g
IntradosPORCHER INC.E3H 27g
Cloisons avec points d'attachesPORCHER INC.E91 27g
Cloisons sans points d'attachesPORCHER INC.E91 27g
DiagonalesPORCHER INC.E91 27g
Suspentage, cascades supérieuresEDELRID8000U-70
Suspentage, cascades intermédiairesEDELRID8000U-160/120
Suspentage principale, cascades inférieuresLIROSPPSL 275/200/160
Suspentage stabilo supérieurEDELRIDPPSL 160
Suspentage frein, cascades supérieursEDELRID8000U-70
Suspentage frein, cascades intermédiairesEDELRID8000U-120
Suspentage frein, cascades inférieursEDELRID10N-200
Risers, webbingLIROSDYNEEMA
Risers, pulleysRONSTANRIELY

Delivered with Your glider



Repair kit

Speed bar

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