Perfect machine for XC. Well Balanced Safety and Performance

TANGO will be the most comfortable glider designed for the pilot who wants XC. The Smart nose system is applied to TANGO.

Tango has special riser system and Smart Nose System designed by unique idea of Davinci Gliders. We hope you will enjoy a safe and enjoyable flight with the high quality and durable fabrics and materials in optimal designing technology.



Details techniques

Flat area, sq.m21.022.924.826.8
Flat A.R.6.3
Flat span, m11.512.012.513.0
Projected area, sq.m18.019.721.323.0
Projected A.R.4.93
Projected span, m9.439.8510.2510.66
Cells, total66
Cells, closed12
Flattening, %14
Cord max, m2.212.312.412.50
Cord average, m1.831.911.982.06
Lines height, m7.117.417.738.03
Accelerator travel, mm165
Takeoff weight, kg60-8570-9585-10595-120
Glider weight, kg3.94.14.564.8


Extrados bord d'attaqueDominico20D MF 34g
Extrados (hors bord d'attaque)Porcher INDE3W 32g
IntradosPorcher INDE3H 27g
Cloisons avec points d'attachesDominico30D FM
Cloisons sans points d'attachesDominico30D FM
DiagonalesDominico30D FM
Suspentage, cascades supérieuresEDELRID8000U-70/50/30
Suspentage, cascades intermédiairesEDELRID8000U-130/90/70
Suspentage principale, cascades inférieuresEDELRID8000U-280/230/190
Suspentage stabilo supérieurEDELRID9200-30
Suspentage stabilo intermédiaireEDELRID8000U-70
Suspentage frein, cascades supérieursEDELRID8000U-50
Suspentage frein, cascades intermédiairesEDELRID8000U-90/70
Suspentage frein, cascades inférieursEDELRID10N-200
Risers, webbingGuth&Wolth GMBH - Germany12mm zero stretch polyester webbing
Suspentage stabilo inférieureEDELRID8000U-130