The DAVIMAX racing harness is designed to offer versatility and adaptability for racing enthusiasts.

The DAVIMAX is a modern cross-country (XC) harness that, while compact, does not compromise on essential qualities. It offers the ultimate combination of comfort, safety, stability, and durability. Suitable for most pilots who prefer flying with a cocoon harness, the DAVIMAX is accessible and easy enough for leisure pilots, yet its features and performance will satisfy even the most dedicated XC pilots.

Key Features of the DAVIMAX Racing Harness:

  1. Versatile Design with Replaceable Components: The DAVIMAX harness is designed with replaceable rear fairing and front skirting, ensuring that these components can be swapped out or upgraded without compromising aerodynamic performance. This allows for customization to meet specific needs or conditions, maintaining optimal speed and efficiency.

  2. Comfort and Fit: The harness includes a pod made of semi-light Lycra for added strength. Adjustments are simple and lightweight, utilizing a series of adjustable knots and a magnetic closer to minimize air intake. This ensures a great fit and a simple closure system.

  3. Ergonomic Cockpit: It features a large ergonomic and integrated cockpit with a magnet system, allowing it to be opened easily, even in flight. This design enhances convenience and accessibility for pilots.

  4. Aerodynamic Performance: The rear fairing optimizes the aerodynamic shape of the harness, reducing drag and improving performance. This also enhances balance in yaw, providing a more stable, comfortable, and precise flight experience.

  5. Specialized Components: The DAVIMAX harness is equipped with special Ronstan lock pulleys, which ease the pilot during speed bar operation, adding to the overall functionality and ease of use.

Overall, the DAVIMAX racing harness is a top choice for pilots looking for a blend of versatility, performance, and user-friendly features. Whether for leisure flying or competitive cross-country racing, it offers a reliable and high-quality option that meets diverse pilot needs.


Suspension height, cm
Pilot height, cm155-175170-185180-195
Pilot weight, kg50-7560-8580-100
Seatbord width, cm31.53334.5
Weight, kg7.0kg7.2kg7.4kg