tandem passenger harness

Harmony Passenger Air2


Simple but comfortable passenger harness for tandem flying

Comfortable tandem passenger harness with specific features tailored for passenger for best experience.

  1. Comfortable Design: The harness prioritizes comfort for the passenger during tandem flying. This is crucial for longer flights, ensuring that the passenger remains at ease throughout the experience.
  2. Airbag Protection: The inclusion of airbag protection enhances safety by providing additional cushioning in the event of a landing impact. This feature contributes to a safer and more secure tandem flying experience.
  3. Universal Sizing: The harness is designed as one-size-fits-all, accommodating passengers of any height and weight. This universal sizing approach simplifies the selection process for tandem pilots and ensures a comfortable fit for a wide range of individuals.
  4. Specialized Use: The harness is explicitly designed for tandem passenger flying and is not intended for solo use. This specialization ensures that it meets the specific needs and safety requirements of tandem flights.

Overall, this tandem passenger harness appears to be a straightforward and purpose-built solution, prioritizing comfort and safety for passengers during tandem flying experiences while maintaining simplicity in design and use.


Harness weight : 2.44kg............................

Max passenger Load : 120kg

Shoulder velcro

An easy way to mount devices, perfectly visible by pilot

Located on both shoulders straps of the passenger harness are Velcro strips and attachment loops. This allows an excellent position for flight instruments or a POV (point of view) camera mount.


Max Weight(kg)
Borad Width(mm)
Borad Depth(mm)
Suspension height, cm
Back protection type
Pilot weight, kg
Seatbord width, cm
Harness Weight(kg)
CertificationEN 1651/LTF NfL II91/09