EN D 2-liner


High level glider for highly skilled pilots and competitors

XCHORD is a top level EN D two-liner with an A.R. close to 7 for high level international competitions and for XC experts.

XCHORD's unique design was born during long and difficult R&D testing. The results are the unique versatility, brilliant performance and breathtaking stability. Yes, the XCHORD is so stable that you may use 100% of its performance even when the air gets rough. This glider remains docile and predictable in almost every situation you may encounter during aggressive XC or comp flying. The combination of speed and glide the XCHORD provides is one of the best in its class, making XCHORD a very strong rival in competition.

Another strong point of XCHORD is its thermal efficiency. The mix of very low sink rate and efficient control allows you to stay up when almost everything is going down.

How did we achieve this? One (but not the only!) trick was a thorough optimization of aerodynamics using computational fluid dynamics methods, allowing us to reduce drag to a minimum and to achieve a perfect balance. Also we created our own version of the famous shark nose which has increased stability and improves floatability.

XCHORD: maximal performance with minimal risks.

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Smart Nose Intakes


Rigid Leading Edge


Trailing edge Mini Ribs


Optimized Profile Stress


Dust Out Pocket


Full Chord Rods



Technical data

Flat area, sq.m21.7522.8024.7526.55
Flat A.R.6.95
Flat span, m12.3612.6613.1913.66
Projected area, sq.m18.6319.5321.1922.75
Projected A.R.5.44
Projected span, m18.6319.5321.1922.75
Cells, total82
Cells, closed14
Flattening, %14.4
Cord min, m0.300.310.320.33
Cord max, m2.222.272.362.45
Cord average, m1.761.801.881.94
Lines height, m7.427.607.858.20
Lines schemeA2A'1B3
Accelerator travel, mm145155155155
Takeoff weight, kg75-9585-10595-115105-125
Glider weight, kg5.
CertificationEN D


Upper surface leading edgeDominico Textile Co.30D MF
Upper surface except leading edgePorcher Ind.7000 E71
Bottom surfacePorcher Ind.7000 E71
Ribs, supportedPorcher Ind.7000 E91
Ribs, unsupportedPorcher Ind.9000 E29
Diagonal ribsPorcher Ind.7000 E91
Lines, upper cascadesEdelrid8000U- 130/90/70/50 9200-30
Lines, middle cascadesEdelrid8000U- 190/130/90/70/50 9200-30
Lines, main (lower) cascadesEdelrid8000U- 360/190/130/50 DSL140
Lines, upper stabilo cascadeEdelrid9200-30
Lines, middle stabilo cascadeEdelrid9200-30
Lines, upper brake cascadeEdelrid9200-30
Lines, middle brake cascadeEdelrid8000U-50
Lines, main (lower) brake cascadeEdelrid8000U-190 10N-200
Risers, webbingGuth&Wolf GMBH12mm zero stretch polyester
ThreadCoats Thread Thailand210D/3, 420D/3