Octave / Davinci Gliders
Low hanging points PPG harness


Comfortable Universal Paramotor Harness for leisure flying!

  1. Comfort Features: The inclusion of soft pads and back support aims to enhance the comfort of the pilot. The foam backrest not only increases comfort but also serves to isolate the pilot's back from the paramotor frame, reducing vibration and potential discomfort during flight.

  2. Versatility: With a total harness weight of 2.7kg, the harness is designed to cater to both novice and experienced powered paragliding pilots. Its compatibility with any powered paraglider, unless specified otherwise by the manufacturer, adds to its versatility.

  3. Adjustability: The wide adjustment range ensures that the harness can be tailored to fit pilots of various sizes, promoting a customized and comfortable fit. This is crucial for a diverse user base.

  4. Safety and Stability: The strap system not only provides safety and stability but also allows ample space for a smooth starting run, effective steering, and full utilization of the glider's capabilities. This combination of safety and maneuverability is essential for a harness used in powered paragliding.

  5. Speedsystem Operation: The inclusion of four pulleys considerably improves the speed-system operation, contributing to a smoother and more responsive experience for the pilot.

  6. Integrated Rescue Compartment : Integrating a side pocket rescue compartment into the OCTAVE harness is a thoughtful and practical enhancement based on the high demand from Powered Paragliding (PPG) pilots. This addition not only increases the functionality of the harness but also promotes an additional layer of safety during flight. (Maximum container volume [cm3]: 5800, Minimum container volume [cm3]: 3500) - Suitable for Davinci all sizes of COMMA and COMMA# light

  7. Two-point buckle System : Incorporating a 2-point buckle system into the harness design based on PPG pilot feedback is a notable safety-oriented decision. This feature is particularly relevant for emergency situations, especially those involving water landings. (MAX clip in weight 120kg).

Integrated Side Rescue Compartment

The side pocket is integrated with rescue compartment. Is important to fly with rescue as it is our only second option!

  1. Convenience: Having a dedicated side pocket for a rescue chute enhances convenience for pilots. The compartment is versatile that it can be positioned either left or rigtht depends on the pilot preference. It provides easy access to essential equipment, and pilots can quickly retrieve the rescue chute when needed.

  2. Safety: A rescue chute is a critical piece of safety equipment for powered paragliders. By integrating a side pocket compartment, the harness ensures that the rescue chute is securely stored and easily accessible in case of an emergency, promoting safer flying experiences.

  3. Reduced Clutter: Having a designated pocket for the rescue chute helps in keeping the harness organized. This reduces clutter and ensures that the equipment is properly stowed away, minimizing the risk of entanglement or interference during flight.

  4. Quick Deployment: In emergency situations, quick and efficient deployment of the rescue chute can make a significant difference. The integrated side pocket allows for a streamlined and swift deployment process when needed.

  5. User-Friendly Design: The integration of the side pocket demonstrates a user-centered design approach. It takes into account the specific needs and preferences of PPG pilots, making the harness more user-friendly and aligning it with the demands of the flying community.

  6. Enhanced Market Appeal: The addition of a side pocket rescue compartment aligns with the safety-conscious mindset of many pilots. This enhancement can potentially make the OCTAVE harness even more appealing in the market, attracting pilots who prioritize safety features in their gear.

Overall, this decision to integrate a side pocket rescue compartment reflects a proactive response to customer feedback and industry trends, demonstrating a commitment to both functionality and safety in powered paragliding equipment.