mid EN B


Intermediate glider for progressing pilots

The CLASSIC is the mid-range EN-B glider for pilots who have recently finished their first training course that are aiming to have a paraglider with a well-balanced combination of performance and safety.

The CLASSIC has an advanced design with shark nose profile and reduced line consumption which contributes to easy takeoff, pleasant handling and a great level of performance for the class.

Safety is also the CLASSIC’s strong point. Having high performance means nothing if the glider does not allow its pilot to use all the potential of the wing due to safety restraints. That’s why we’re speaking about the real-world performance: the level of performance you can achieve while staying comfortable and safe. For the CLASSIC, the real-world performance is very high. This glider enables you to use it to its full potential while staying easy and controllable. It’s a delight to explore the fun factor and amazing level of performance the CLASSIC delivers!

CLASSIC. Get more, stay safe.


Smart Nose Intakes


Rigid Leading Edge


Trailing edge Mini Ribs


Optimized Profile Stress


Dust Out Pocket

Technical data

Flat area, sq.m24.225.827.329.3
Flat A.R.5.17
Flat span, m11.211.511.912.3
Projected area, sq.m21.022.223.425.5
Projected A.R.3.88
Projected span, m9.19.39.510.0
Cells, total50
Cells, closed10
Flattening, %14
Cord min, m0.
Cord max, m2.652.7428.12.92
Cord average, m2.162.232.302.38
Lines height, m6.
Accelerator travel, mm160
Takeoff weight, kg60-8570-9585-10595-120
Glider weight, kg5.
CertificationEN B


Upper surface leading edgeDominico Textile Co.30D MF
Upper surface except leading edgeDominico Textile Co.30D MF
Bottom surfaceDominico Textile Co.30D MF
Ribs, supportedDominico Textile Co.30D Hard touch
Ribs, unsupportedDominico Textile Co.
Diagonal ribsDominico Textile Co.30D Hard touch
Lines, upper cascadesLirosDSL-70
Lines, middle cascadesLirosPPSL-120
Lines, main (lower) cascadesEdelrid7343-280
Lines, upper stabilo cascadeEdelrid9200-30
Lines, middle stabilo cascadeLirosPPSL-120
Lines, upper brake cascadeLirosDSL-70
Lines, middle brake cascadeLirosDSL-70
Lines, main (lower) brake cascadeEdelrid10N-200
Risers, webbingGuth&Wolf GMBH12mm zero stretch polyester webbing
Risers, pulleysRonstanRonstan ball bearing
Lines, main (lower) stabilo cascadeEdelrid6843-160