Trike / Tandem


For tandem, trike and foot-launched PPG

DUET PPG is designed for tandem paramotor, trike and foot-launched

Pro tandem pilots always ask for easy takeoff. Not an easy task for a rough, heavy duty wing weighting around 8 kg, but we did it! The famous takeoff of the Duet is here again despite the increased mass and durability. This new heavy duty design also incorporates many small improvements compared to the "regular" Duet. New placement of plastic rods for longer lifetime, shorter risers for better ergonomics and other small details which give you more reliability, less risk and much more fun.

Once in the air, this new Duet# also bears all the best from the Duet pedigree. Perfect turn, sweet performance and long brake travel are still here.

i-Vortex Tips (AVT) the DUET# has a very long brake travel.

DUET#: more durability, more fun.


Rigid Leading Edge


Trailing edge Mini Ribs


Smart Nose Intakes


Optimized Profile Stress


Dust Out Pocket


Anti-Vortex Tips


Optimal Flow Analysis

Technical data

Flat area, sq.m#343941#42#44
Flat A.R.
Flat span, m13.814.414.814.915.3
Projected area, sq.m30.533.
Projected A.R.3.943.943.943.94 3.94 
Projected span, m11.011.411.811.912.2
Cells, total54545454 54 
Cells, closed10101010 10 
Flattening, %14141414 14 
Cord min, m0.680.710.730.740.76
Cord max, m3.253.383.493.533.62
Cord average, m2.582.682.782.802.89
Trims travel, mm110110110110 110 
Glider weight, kg6.
Takeoff weight, kg90-180110-190120-212120-230130-248
PPG takeoff weight, kg90-300110-300120-310120-340200-380


Upper surface leading edgeMyungjin Textile Co.MJ 40MF
Upper surface except leading edgePorcher Ind.Skytex 38
Bottom surfacePorcher Ind.Skytex 32
Ribs, supportedPorcher Ind.E29A
Ribs, unsupportedMyungjin Textile Co.MJ 38HF
Diagonal ribsPorcher Ind.E29A
Lines, upper cascadesLirosPPSL 120/160
Lines, middle cascadesLirosPPSL 160/200
Lines, main (lower) cascadesEdelrid7343-420/280
Lines, upper stabilo cascadeLirosPPSL 120
Lines, middle stabilo cascadeLirosPPSL 120
Lines, main (lower) stabilo cascadeEdelrid6843-160
Lines, upper brake cascadeLirosDSL 70
Lines, middle brake cascadeLirosPPSL 120/200
Lines, main (lower) brake cascadeEdelrid7850X-240
Risers, webbingGuth&Wolf GMBH20mm webbing
ThreadCoats Thread210D/3, 420D/3