Davinci Gliders / Duet
Semi-Lite tandem


Share the joy of flying safely and easily

The DUET is a complete and easy to use two-seater / tandem paraglider for both commercial and recreational use.

Making a good tandem or two-seater is not an easy task. The wing is large, but it must have a perfect take-off and a turning behavior on a par with single-seater gliders. Our DUET has it all, and a little more! Despite the use of "normal" (not light) fabric and lines, the Duet is unexpectedly light: just 6.7 kg for size 41. We do not sacrifice weight or longevity of the fabric. The DUET is so light thanks to its sophisticated construction! Our Optimized Profile Stress (OPS) analysis technology allowed us to create a glider that is light but very robust.

Light weight means perfect takeoff behavior and good handling. The level of performance is also very good for an easy tandem wing, allowing for easy warm-up and impressive XC potential. Also, due to the anti-vortex tips (AVT), the DUET has a very long brake travel that provides an additional level of safety.

DUET - Share the joy of flying safely and easily.


Smart Nose Intakes


Rigid Leading Edge


Optimized Profile Stress


Anti-Vortex Tips


Dust Out Pocket


Optimal Flow Analysis



Technical data

Flat area, sq.m3941
Flat A.R.5.45.4 
Flat span, m14.414.8
Projected area, sq.m33.135.2
Projected A.R.3.943.94 
Projected span, m11.411.8
Cells, total5454 
Cells, closed1010 
Flattening, %1414 
Cord min, m0.710.73
Cord max, m3.383.49
Cord average, m2.682.78
Trims travel, mm110110 
Glider weight, kg6.66.7
Takeoff weight, kg110-190120-212
PPG takeoff weight, kg110-300120-310
CertificationEN B EN B 


Upper surface leading edgePorcher Ind.Skytex 38
Upper surface except leading edgePorcher Ind.Skytex 32
Bottom surfacePorcher Ind.Skytex 32
Ribs, supportedMyungjin TexMJ 38HF
Ribs, unsupportedMyungjin TexMJ 38HF
Diagonal ribsMyungjin TexMJ 38HF
Lines, upper cascadesLirosPPSL 120/160
Lines, middle cascadesLirosPPSL 160/200
Lines, main (lower) cascadesEdelrid7343-420/280
Lines, upper stabilo cascadeLirosPPSL 120
Lines, middle stabilo cascadeLirosPPSL 120
Lines, main (lower) stabilo cascadeEdelrid6843-160
Lines, upper brake cascadeLirosDSL 70
Lines, middle brake cascadeLirosPPSL 120/200
Lines, main (lower) brake cascadeEdelrid7850X-240
Risers, webbingGuth&Wolf GMBH20mm webbing
ThreadCoats Thread Thailand210D/3, 420D/3