Funky 2 / Davinci Gliders
High EN B

Funky 2

XC glider for sports addicts

Target Audience

The FUNKY2 is designed for individuals who want to progress in paragliding safely, specifically targeting those chasing their first cross-country (XC) flying to expand their horizons.
Funky2 also is a very suitable glider to learn navigation skills, thermal flying, and how to plan and execute longer flights .

Peace of Mind

The glider is designed to provide peace of mind for pilots, likely through its stability, safety features, and ease of control. It has High B performance but with A safety characters which make is friendly to new cross country warrior.


Described as an easy and fun paraglider with excellent glide for a B class and a very efficient speed system. Positioned as a high-performance EN-B class glider as funky2 is notable for its long brake travel and excellent passive safety that emphasizes on good stability, making it ideal for progression in xc flying.

Smart Steering System (SSS)

The integration of a Smart Steering System(SSS) into the glider, this designed to facilitate easier steering with the back riser during speed bar operation without compromising the Angle of Attack (AOA) deformation, is a note worthy advancement. SSS dramatically improved the steering control,efficient speed bar operation, while it helps pilot easily adapt at different various conditions. Not forget to mention it also come with C handle steering system for better handling.

Glide Ratio

Attributed to refined aerodynamics, wing profile, and other design elements, Funky2 shows significant improvement in glide performance compared to its predecessor, especially during full speed bar operation for a B class.Pilots often seek gliders that maintain altitude efficiently, especially when flying at higher speeds, and this improvement can contribute to a more satisfying cross country flying experience!


Smart Nose Intakes


Smart Nose Plus


Trailing edge Mini Ribs


Optimized Profile Stress


Dust Out Pocket


Optimal Flow Analysis

Technical data

Flat area, sq.m22.724.726.828.9
Flat A.R. 
Flat span, m11.512.012.513
Projected area, sq.m19.321.022.824.6
Projected A.R.  
Projected span, m9.39.710.110.5
Cells, total60606060 
Cells, closed12121212 
Flattening, % 
Cord max, m2.392.492.152.70
Cord average, m1.982.062.152.23
Lines height, m7.097.407.718.00
Lines schemeA2A'1B4C3A2A'1B4C3A2A'1B4C3A2A'1B4C3  
Accelerator travel, mm160160160160  
Glider weight, kg4.
Takeoff weight, kg60-8570-9585-10595-119


Bottom surfaceMyeongjin TexMJ 40 MF / MJ 32 MF
Ribs, supportedMyeongjin TexMJ 32 MF
Ribs, unsupportedMyeongjin TexMJ 32 HF / MJ 38HF
Diagonal ribsMyeongjin TexMJ 32 HF
Lines, upper cascadesEDELRID8000U 70/50
Lines, middle cascadesEDELRID8000U 70/90/130
Lines, main (lower) cascadesEDELRID8000U 190/230/280
Lines, upper stabilo cascadeEDELRID8000U 50
Lines, main (lower) stabilo cascadeDAVINCI / LIROS8000U 130 / PPSL 160
Lines, upper brake cascadeEDELRID8000U 70
Lines, middle brake cascadeEDELRID8000U 90/130
Lines, main (lower) brake cascadeDAVINCITNL 180
Risers, webbingGUTH&WOLF GMBH12mm zero stretch polyester
Risers, pulleysRONSTAN20

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