EN D 2-liner



High level glider for competition pilots

Davinci has developed an impressive and advanced competition glider The Popera! Proudly to say it create a great rivalry to its rival in the market!

Design and Competition Focus:

Popera is positioned as a top-level competition glider, which is designed for serious competition flying.It belongs to the ‘D’ category, designed with a high level of performance and speed hence high skilled pilot with active input needed to fly the Popera.The aspect ratio close to 7.0 indicates a sleek and aerodynamic design, contributing to enhanced performance, penetration and amazing glide!

Innovative Features:

Double Layer System (DLS): This technology is applied to icrease the internal pressure of the glider where there will be another section of layer internally, which will reducing the risk of big collapses. This feature is crucial for stability and safety during flight especially during turbulence and strong condition.

Smart Nose System:This system is used to enhance internal pressure by minimizing airflow out of the glider. This will enhance to internal pressure of the glider hence improve the shape and stability of the glider that will maximize the performance.

Performance Highlights:

Super light accelerationmake it easier for pilots to push the bar especially during full-speed! Smart Steering System (SSS) make pilots can easily manage and control the glider even at high speeds, providing a confident and responsive flying experience especially during turbulence.

Competitive Edge:

Davinci is expressing confidence in Popera's capabilities, positioning it as one of the best in the market.The assertion of serious rivalry with competitors indicates that Davinci believes Popera has the potential to outperform other gliders in the current market!

In summary,

The Popera, equipped with cutting-edge Smart technology, sets a new standard for stability and collapse resistance in the D class category. This innovative technology enhances the glider's performance, making it an exceptionally stable choice for cross-country (XC) flying. Popera makes D class cross-country flying safer than ever before. Pilots can embark on long-distance flights with increased confidence, knowing their glider is designed to handle various conditions effectively. Needless to say with this new generation D glider, flying cross country with high level glider is made easier and way safer than before! Popera by Davinci appears to be a cutting-edge competition glider with innovative features designed to enhance stability, safety, and overall performance. With emphasizing on smart technologies and competitive edges design, Davinci is aiming to establish the Popera to be the new generation glider as a top contender in the top level cross country competition scene in the market!


Smart Nose Intakes


Rigid Leading Edge


Trailing edge Mini Ribs


Optimized Profile Stress


Dust Out Pocket


Full Chord Rods


Smart Double Layer

Delivered with Your glider


Flat area, sq.m21.122.424.226.5
Flat A.R.
Flat span, m12.212.513.013.6
Projected area, sq.m18.319.421.023.0
Projected A.R.
Cells, total848484 84
Cells, closed
Flattening, %
Cord min, m0.50.520.540.57
Cord max, m2.152.222.302.41
Cord average, m1.741.791.861.95
Lines height, m7.
Lines schemeA2A'1B3A2A'1B3 A2A'1B3 
Accelerator travel, mm145155155155
Glider weight, kg5.
Takeoff weight, kg75-9585-10595-115105-125
CertificationEN DEN DEN D EN D 


Upper surface leading edgeMYEONGJIN TEXMJ 40MF MJ 32MF
Ribs, supportedPORCHER INDUSTRIES9000 E29
Ribs, unsupportedMyeongjin TEXMJ 32 HF
Lines, upper cascadesEDELRID8000U-130
Lines, middle cascadesEDELRID8000U-190
Lines, main (lower) cascadesEDELRID8000U-360
Lines, upper stabilo cascadeEDELRID9200-30
Lines, middle stabilo cascadeEDELRID9200-30
Lines, middle brake cascadeEDELRID9200-30
Lines, main (lower) brake cascadeLIROSDSL 140
Risers, webbingGUTH&WOLF GMBH12MM Zero stretch polyester webbing
Risers, pulleysRonstanRonstan ball bearing


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