High EN B


XC glider for advancing pilots

The Funky is a class-leading EN-B glider that perfectly balances performance and safety. It has been designed for pilots seeking a glider with agile handling to continue their progression.

The Funky is infused with new and innovative technologies not found on other wings. The C riser group is split to allow more efficient and precise C steering, especially useful while utilizing speed bar. The leading edge has Smart Nose Intakes which increases both the glider’s stability and its resistance to collapses.


Smart Nose Intakes


Smart Nose Plus


Rigid Leading Edge


Trailing edge Mini Ribs


Optimized Profile Stress


Dust Out Pocket

Technical data

Flat area, sq.m21.022.924.826.828.9
Flat A.R.5,7
Flat span, m10,911.411.912.412.8
Projected area, sq.m17.719,321.022.624.4
Projected A.R.4.3
Projected span, m8.
Cells, total59
Cells, closed10
Flattening, %15.5
Cord min, m0.670.700.730.760.79
Cord max, m2.332.432.532.632.74
Cord average, m1.922.
Lines height, m6.897.207.497.798.09
Lines schemeA2A'1B4C3
Accelerator travel, mm120120140140140
Takeoff weight, kg50-6560-8070-9585-10595-120
Glider weight, kg3.
CertificationEN B


Upper surface leading edgeDominico Textile20D MF(WR)
Upper surface except leading edgeDominico Textile20D MF(WR)
Bottom surfacePorcher INDE3H
Ribs, supportedDominico Textile30D FM(Non WR)
Ribs, unsupportedDominico Textile30D FM(Non WR)
Diagonal ribsDominico Textile30D FM(Non WR)
Lines, upper cascadesEDELRID8000U-90/70
Lines, middle cascadesEDELRID8000U-190/130
Lines, main (lower) cascadesEDELRID8000U-280/230/190
Lines, upper stabilo cascadeEDELRID8000U-70
Lines, middle stabilo cascadeEDELRID8000U-90
Lines, upper brake cascadeEDELRID8000U-90
Lines, middle brake cascadeEDELRID8000U-190/130
Lines, main (lower) brake cascadeEDELRID10-200-040
Risers, webbingGuth&Wolth GMBH - Germany12mm zero stretch polyester webbing
Lines, main (lower) stabilo cascadeEDELRID8000U-130
Lines, stabiloEDELRID8000U-130